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Why people do like feet ?

Sigmund Freud developed a theory that explains why people do like feet. He argued that feet are a symbol of domination, submission, and beauty. He also believed that foot fetishes can lead to a form of porn.

Sigmund Freud’s theory of foot fetishes

Sigmund Freud’s theory of foot fetishes is one of the oldest theories in the field of psychology. He hypothesized that the foot was a penis substitute. He believed that people’s interest in the foot came from early childhood. He also believed that the foot was shaped like a penis.

In his early studies, Freud discovered that people were interested in feet. He believed that it was because the foot resembled the penis, and the sensitivity of the foot area is greater than other parts of the body.

Freud thought that people could learn to associate attraction to the foot with reward. His theory is based on anecdotal and analytical evidence. It was further refined in his August 1927 paper titled Fetischismus.

Freud’s theory was a foundation for future psychology. He believed that people’s fetishes were developed in childhood, and emerged from the observation of their mother. During childhood, the foot would arouse feelings of pleasure and excitement.


Among all body parts, the foot is the most eroticized. However, surprisingly, some people have a foot fetish. There are many reasons for people’s fascination with feet. Some people like the look and smell of feet while others just like to touch them.

One of the main reasons people are attracted to feet is because of their unique shape. They are narrower and higher than the rest of the body. Some women like to decorate their feet with nail polish.

Women also tend to have smaller and more narrow feet than men. Some men are attracted to feet because of their smell. They also like to see a woman’s feet in ankle bracelets. Others like to see women’s feet in stockings.

Other reasons people are attracted to feet include smell, taste and feel. Some people like to eroticize their own feet. They may even trample the feet of others.


Sigmund Freud noticed that people had a lot of interest in feet. He attributed the interest to penis symbolism and said that feet and the penis are very close to the genitals in the brain.

There are many theories on why people are attracted to feet. Some people see them as erotic, while others simply enjoy having them on their bodies. Regardless of why people are attracted to feet, they are definitely sexual.

Feet have a large number of sensory receptors and are therefore highly sensitive to touch. They also contain nerve endings which can produce greater sensations. This makes feet a good place to begin an erotic connection.

The foot is also a good place to start a power play. Many people like to use other people’s feet as a footrest or to do submission.


Various studies have been conducted to determine whether the right or left foot is the dominant leg. These studies have used a variety of methods, from simple questionnaires to strength tests. The best test of leg dominance has to be self-reported.

Among the studies, a meta-analysis of several dozen studies found that the left side is generally more dominant than the right side, particularly in the context of force production. Among the studies, Singh (1970) found that left-handed subjects have stronger left legs than right-handed subjects. Despite the fact that left-handed subjects are more likely to suffer from anterior crucifix ligament injuries, there is no consensus on whether they have a higher propensity to suffer from foot injuries in general. Nonetheless, a study by Carnahan et al. (1986) found that left-footers were better at performing weight-bearing tasks.

Foot-focused porn

Those who enjoy the erotic content centered around feet are known as foot-focused porn. Foot-focused porn can set a mood, and some people can even find creative ideas for their own work by looking at feet.

Foot-focused porn is available on porn sites, which show scenes of erotic foot play. In addition, people who like feet can find foot-related content on websites like WikiFeet. The website features photos of famous women’s “sexy feet”, and its users are drawn to celebrities such as Milt Kunis, Emma Watson, and Anna Kendrik.

People who enjoy feet should not be ashamed of their fetish. Some people prefer to have their feet on their body, while others find it more attractive to have their feet on their partner’s. Regardless of whether you’re a foot-focused porn fan or not, it’s a good idea to start exploring your own fetishes.