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Onlyfans : how to make money

Through this article, you will fully discover the Onlyfans platform. You will see how to register and how to make a lot of money with Onlyfans. Because as you will see, Onlyfans is a very popular and much visited content platform. If you want to be successful, there are several things you need to know. Whether it’s creating your account, putting the right content in it or setting the right subscription prices, there are many things you need to know to get started on Onlyfans. You will see that the website is very complete and has interesting features.

Onlyfans, what is it?

Before giving you advice on how to use Onlyfans well, a short presentation of the site is necessary. This is a website on which content creators can register in order to offer their content. Whether it’s photos or videos, you can feature any content you create. This website is one of the most popular content platforms and is therefore very visited. This will allow you to have greater exposure. This website is quite similar to MYM Fans, which is also a platform where you can post your media and build a community. Because on Onlyfans, the community aspect is very important. One of the most important things is going to be attracting people to you and retaining them. Because the more people you have loyal to your account, the more you will have interesting income. This is why, on Onlyfans, the regularity of content publications is very important. Likewise, it is important to differentiate yourself from other people on the platform.

How to register ?

If you want to join the Onlyfans platform, you are most certainly wondering how to register. You should know that there are two types of possible registration on the site. First of all, there is the classic member registration. If you just want to browse the platform and subscribe to accounts without posting content, then this is the type of registration to choose. On the other hand, if you want to publish your content, have your own page and earn money, you will have to register as a creator. Registration is quite simple, you will need to fill in some information such as your name, first name or date of birth. In addition, you will need to send your identity documents in order to validate your account and be able to post your content and collect the money you will make from Onlyfans. You will also need to enter your bank details to receive transfers from Onlyfans. Once you have sent the documents, you will simply have to wait for the site team to validate your account. You will then have the option to post your media.

Tips to know

Now that you have an account on Onlyfans, you wonder how to get your first subscribers. Because indeed, as you have seen, there are a large number of content creators and when you start, it is not easy to have visibility. Because on this platform, some content creators will have more visibility according to certain criteria. The first advice that we advise you is to create a universe of your own. People who visit Onlyfans are usually looking for originality and someone different from others on the platform. Having your own personality and highlighting it is very important.

It is therefore advisable to offer different from what is done on the platform and to be as original as possible. Another advice is the regularity of the publication of your content. Some creators post a lot of content when they arrive on Onlyfans but then don’t post anything. This is not going to encourage members to subscribe to your account, because people who subscribe to creators are usually looking for accounts that post regularly. Finally, it is very important to take into account the advice and requests that you will receive from your subscribers. Talking to your subscribers will give you a better understanding of what they are looking for. Nevertheless, please submit content that respects your universe and your personality. Whether you are a dominatrix or simply want to share your photos, you will inevitably find people to appreciate your content. You will also get notifications when someone subscribes to your account. You can also enable comments under your posts. Note that you also have the option of scheduling the publication of your content in advance, this is very interesting for spreading out your content. You will also have a chat that you can use to engage with your followers.

How to make money on Onlyfans?

Want to know how to monetize your content on Onlyfans? Well know that the platform allows you to monetize it in different ways. The first way that we advise you to use is the “subscription” function. You can create different subscriptions of different durations. For each of the durations you can put the price you want. It is advisable to put a tariff corresponding to the quantity of tariff to which the subscribers will be able to access. So, if you are new to Onlyfans, it is recommended to put a small price. The more content you have and the more subscribers you will have, then you can put higher prices. Onlyfans takes a commission on the prices, so you won’t get the full price you set. Some creators charge more than 40$ monthly subscription because they are very popular and offer original and sought-after content. For example, you should know that “femdom” is highly sought after.

To have your first subscribers, you have several solutions. If you are present on social networks like Instagram or Twitter, you can put the address of your Onlyfans account there. Thus, the people who follow you on these networks will know that you have an account on this platform. If you do not yet have an account on social networks, it is advisable to create one and feed them from time to time. As soon as you have a certain number of subscribers, you will earn badges on Onlyfans and this will allow you to have better visibility on the site.

Onlyfans is therefore an excellent platform for content creators. It allows people who create content to make money and sometimes the sums are significant depending on their popularity. If you are creating content and want to make money on Onlyfans, then this is a very good platform.