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How to sell feet pictures ?

Selling photos of your feet on the Internet can bring you a lot of money as there are so many amateurs. This practice is very popular and the best models can make real salaries from the sale of their content. Especially since today, almost everyone is equipped with a phone to take correct photos. Then, how to sell feet pictures ?

It is quite possible to earn a hundred euros or even more every day thanks to the sale of photos of feet. If you have always been told that you have beautiful feet, why not take the opportunity to sell photos of your feet?

Don’t think your foot photos could find buyers? Think again, foot fetishists adore this type of content and are willing to spend handsome sums to satisfy their fantasies and passion. Because yes, for some men the feet are a real obsession and it is difficult for them to think of anything else.

So take the plunge and start selling foot photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why sell pictures of his feet?

Among all fetishisms, foot fetishism is undoubtedly one of the best known and most widespread, especially among men. You just have to take a look on social networks like Twitter to see the extent of the phenomenon.

Whether it’s your main activity or even a simple way to make ends meet, selling foot photos is much more fun, less tiring and above all more profitable than a small food job, so why not take the plunge? ? Selling foot photos is a time-saving activity. A small photo in the evening on your way home from work, a quick capture in public transport, at the swimming pool, at home… The possibilities are numerous and it will be very easy for you to satisfy many amateurs while keeping your anonymity.

Because the important and interesting thing about selling foot photos is that it is quite possible to remain completely anonymous. No risk of being spotted by aunties or grandmas. It is even recommended to remain so and above all not to leak any personal details that could allow you to be identified. In any case on VendsTesPieds nothing will allow you to be identified in the eyes of buyers.

We said it in the introduction, don’t let yourself be fooled by the opinion you may have of your own feet or the feet of others. Even if you don’t find them attractive or even common, don’t worry: others will love them and even want to pay to get pictures of your feet.

Who are the buyers?

You are probably wondering why people would pay for foot photos that they could get for free? In short, you are right, free foot photos abound on the Internet. But foot admirers are looking for something they can’t get for free. And it’s a great opportunity for you to sell your feet photos.

They want personalized content and are willing to spend money on it. A lot of money.

You can sell either photos of feet straight out of your imagination and thanks to your creative spirit, or meet the demand of your customers by making personalized photos of feet. And we’re not even talking about foot videos that can increase your earnings considerably.

The buyers of foot photos are usually men, and we know they have a hard time controlling themselves when it comes to containing their fetish urges. It is mainly to them that you will be able to sell photos of your feet.

Do we have the right to sell our pictures of feet?

It is completely legal to sell photos of your feet, at least in France. Without forgetting that it is also possible to sell photos of feet in other countries in Europe.

While there’s no legal problem with selling pictures of her feet, keep in mind that you’ll likely have to report your earnings to taxes to avoid any problems. But don’t worry, below a certain amount you will have no impact on the amount of your taxes.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is legal to sell photos of your feet if and only if you own them and they are your feet and your photos.

How to sell foot photos?

Thanks to the e-commerce platform set up by VendsTesPieds, it is quite possible (and even recommended ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to sell your photos of your feet on our site. We take care of all the technical aspects related to the sale of foot photos and we promote the site and your profiles on social networks. You can also promote your sales profile on your professional or personal social networks.

We offer models total anonymity and the payment of winnings is guaranteed from 50 euros of sales within 24-48 hours via the Paypal platform.

To start selling photos of your feet, nothing could be simpler. The first step is to create an account if you don’t already have one. Your profile is quickly validated and you can then start creating your products in your dashboard. We explain in this article how to create your products containing your photos of feet.