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  • What does fetishize mean ?
    The meaning of the word Fetishize is an excessive obsession or devotion towards an object. Fetishizing is a process that imbues an object with power or significance. The object is usually a non-living thing and is usually associated with sexual desire. In some cases, fetishizing can be irrational, but for some people it is a… Read More »What does fetishize mean ?
  • How to get rid of a fetish ?
    Having a fetish can be a problem for both you and your partner. A fetish is a bodily part that you find to be arousing, even if it isn’t actually sexual. It can be a good way to satisfy a non-sexual desire, but it can also get out of hand. Luckily, you can learn how… Read More »How to get rid of a fetish ?
  • What do a fetish mean ?
    Originally, fetish was a term used to describe the worship of an object that had special magical powers or was believed to contain the spirit of a person. In modern times, fetish can refer to the irrational and excessive devotion to something. It can also refer to a sexual fetish, or a fetishistic disorder. Fetish… Read More »What do a fetish mean ?
  • Are kinks hereditary ?
    Oftentimes sexual kinks are categorized as a mental disorder, but modern science argues that they are actually a healthy part of sexual expression. Kinks (or fetishes) are triggered by a number of processes in the brain. They usually involve sensory components, such as heightened interest in bodily fluids. While fetishes are not considered a mental… Read More »Are kinks hereditary ?
  • Can I earn money selling feet pictures ?
    Taking pictures of your feet is something most people do, but can you earn money doing this? Well, you can’t really earn money by taking pictures of your feet, but you can earn money by selling them. Instagram Whether you’re a professional photographer or you’re a casual photographer, you can make money selling feet pictures… Read More »Can I earn money selling feet pictures ?
  • How to sell feet pictures ?
    Selling photos of your feet on the Internet can bring you a lot of money as there are so many amateurs. This practice is very popular and the best models can make real salaries from the sale of their content. Especially since today, almost everyone is equipped with a phone to take correct photos. Then,… Read More »How to sell feet pictures ?
  • What are the best websites to sell feet pictures ?
    Using the best websites to sell feet pictures can be a great way to make some extra money. Whether you want to sell your own pictures, or want to purchase photos of feet for your own use, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular websites that sell… Read More »What are the best websites to sell feet pictures ?
  • Why people do like feet ?
    Sigmund Freud developed a theory that explains why people do like feet. He argued that feet are a symbol of domination, submission, and beauty. He also believed that foot fetishes can lead to a form of porn. Sigmund Freud’s theory of foot fetishes Sigmund Freud’s theory of foot fetishes is one of the oldest theories… Read More »Why people do like feet ?
  • How to give a footjob
    Imagine for a second: you are an expert in hand-jobs, and your oral sex technique has nothing to envy to the best porn actors.You now discover that your partner has a particular attraction for feet and would like you to give him a hand job with his feet.Isn’t it time to add this new string… Read More »How to give a footjob